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Rats & Mice

You can definitely try and cut down on the access rats and mice have to your home. Here are some ideas on how to better control rats and mice:

  • Sanitation - make sure your house is as clean as possible. Rats and mice love crumbs in the cupboards so keep them clean!
  • Exclusion - Simply said…. make sure all holes and openings to your house are sealed as tight as possible. This includes cracks in foundation, opening in water pipes, vents and utility cables. Screen doors and any gnaw-able materials are not good for rats and mice as well.
  • Traps - This is one of the more common methods people try and use. It is effective for controlling small numbers, but can be time consuming. There are a variety of different traps including snap traps, multiple-capture live traps such as the Victor Tin Cat and the Ketch-All. You can buy most of these in hardware stores. There are electrocution traps and glue boards as well.

As you can see there are lots of options, but it can sometimes be easier to have a local pest company come out to take care of the problem. This is something that we do at Classic Pest Control along with your bi-monthly service. Our professional team will know how to assess your situation and determine the necessary steps to remove the rats and mice from your home.

There are many different types of mice and rat control that Classic Pest Control can do for you to control these little varmints. Examples include exclusion, trapping and baiting to keep rats and mice under control in your home or business. Customers will tell me that they hear a rustling noise up in their attic area or in their walls. These rats are called Roof Rats because they live in our attic areas and that is their home. Roof Rats will live and breed in the insulation in your attic. Furthermore, rats can cause extensive damages to your home and commercial properties. The damages that these rodents cause to your home and commercial properties are wiring, drywall, destroying your water system in your attic which causes flooding of your property. They also carry some serious disease in their urine and feces which can cause serious health risks. So please call Classic Pest Control to help resolve your rodent problem today whether it may be a rat or mouse.


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